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Cyato Tea is a Rwandan modern tea factory with 3 lines of production alongside its plantation of organic black tea. It is located in the Western Province of Rwanda in Nyamasheke District besides Nyungwe Forest and Lac Kivu. It is endowed with an ideal tropical climate and well-distributed rainfall. Cyato tea production labor is manual and all its tea is processed using the Crush, Tear, Curl (CTC) method, making it suitable for use in blends popular in most black-tea markets. CTC-tea has a homogenous taste and a strong generic, bold "tea" flavor.


The following factors contribute to Cyatos’ Organic Tea quality. The Rwandan climate, abundant rainfall, and the acidic soils due to the high -elevated ground where it grows in Rwanda helps tremendously. Its strength, bright color, flavor, and consistency in manufacturing have made it renowned all over the world as a superior beverage. Nature has endowed Rwanda with the best ecological conditions, making Cyato Organic Tea unique and consistent in quality. A sufficient and willing labor force that produces quality tea, a high altitude that varies between 1830m above sea level, and situated in the high mountain area.


Cyato Organic Loose Black Tea Products


Both loose teas and tea bags are available in different sizes. Please reach out to us for any inquiries.


Cyato Organic Triangle Tea Bags Products


A delicious tea professionally brewed and processed on mountain peaks to make you savor the finest flavors of Rwandan Tea.




High Elevation Grown Rwanda Organic Black Tea