Cyato Tea Plantation image

Our Tea Plantation

Cyato Tea is a delicious and certified organic Rwandan tea (USDA Organic, EU Organic, JAS, and RainforestAlliance Certified) grown on mountain peaks at a good altitude of 1840m(1.14 miles) above sea level and professionally processed to make our consumers savor the finest flavors of Rwandan Tea. The factory and plantation that covers 1126 hectares are both located in the western province of Rwanda in the region of Nyamasheke district which is endowed with the ideal tropical climate and well-distributed rainfall. 

Cyato tea production labor is manual which provides labor to the community surrounding Cyato Tea firm from which 65% are women and all our tea is processed using the Crush, Tear, Curl (CTC) method, making it suitable for use in the best premium blends of organic black-tea markets. Cyato Tea prioritizes using eco-friendly solutions by using biodegradable and recyclable materials for all the packaging materials and we have an ongoing project of using Solar and Hydropower renewable energy that will enhance and completely eliminate the wood burner's usual tea factories method. 

Organic Compost Fertilizer

The soil is fertilized by compost, produced from the manure of cattle that are kept in pens in several locations around the estate. Cyato Tea firm employs temporary and permanent workers who plant, spread compost, weed, trim and harvest the tea.


Meet Rwema one of our bulls that produce manure which provide a more balanced boost of organic soil nutrients.

A 3 Lines Tea Processing Factory

Cyato organic black tea is produced by subjecting freshly plucked leaves of Camellia sinensis from our plantation to a process of withering, rolling and drying. This processing oxidizes the leaf and allows many unique aroma and flavor elements to form. 


Cyato Tea is USDA organic, Organic EU, JAS and Rainforest Alliance certified.