Company Profile

Cyato Tea is a Rwandan tea modern factory and its planation both located in the western province of Rwanda in the region of Nyamasheke district which is endowed with the ideal tropical climate and well-distributed rainfall. 

Cyato tea production labor is manual and all its tea is processed using the Crush, Tear, Curl (CTC) method, making it suitable for use in blends popular in most black-tea markets. CTC-tea has a homogenous taste and a strong generic, bold "tea" flavor.


Cyato Tea is processed using traditional methods, like picking of the tender leaves and bud cyclically, hence being allowed to dry and be "fermented" by enzymes. They are often highly sought after "single-origin" whole-leaf teas. 

Rwanda tea has gained enormous global acceptability because of its quality. The following factors contribute to its quality.  Rwandan climate, abundant rainfall, and the acidic soils due to the high-elevated grounds where Rwanda tea grows. Its strength, bright color, flavor, and consistency in manufacturing have made it renowned all over the world as a superior beverage. Nature has endowed Rwanda with the best ecological conditions, making Rwanda Tea unique and consistent in quality. Sufficient and willing labor that produce quality tea, a good altitude of 1800m above sea level and situated in the high mountain areas.

Primary tea grades

  • BP1 Broken Pekoe 1
  • PF1 Pekoe Fannings 1
  • PD Pekoe Dust
  • D1 Dust 1

Secondary tea grades

  • D Dust
  • F1 Fannings 1
  • BMF Broken Mixed Fannings
  • BMFD Broken Mixed Fannings Dust